Be clear.

Be engaging.

Be remembered.

Be better.

We help businesses thrive with branding, identity and logo design. Build a strong brand image and appeal to your target audience. Be better.

Branding & Logo Design

Starting from scratch? Or just refreshing your brand?

Let us help you decide and design.

We design logos, identity and branding to craft strong brands. Strong brands win!

Define and find your audience, build a strategy and design a strong image and plan going forward that speaks directly to your market because strong brands win.

Return on your investment

The work we do should be seen as an investment for you, not an expense. We are always looking for ways to ensure that your website, business and brand continues to grow so that the hard earned dollars you spend with us pays for itself many times over.

restaurant branding design - Bun Mee Kiwi, Auckland
corporate design branding - Janssen insurance auckland

Branding connects and creates trust

Branding helps build a strong bond with your customers. People that trust your brand and products will remain loyal and certainly recommend you to their friends and family.

Your brand should set you apart

With so much choice these days you need to stand out from your competitors. Your brand design is at the forefront of this alongside your story and your Why.

Your brand is an asset

A brand should be an asset because what you show the public and how they perceive you is a huge part of your business. In some cases a brand can become a liability due to many factors but brands can be refreshed with some great strategy and design to be a great asset once again.

Research, Strategy & Design to fit your ideal market

Design specifically tailored to your brand's needs and goals is essential. We research, define, refine and then design your brand identity to suit your target customer base.

company-branding-logo design - Hi Tech Tiling, Auckland

Recent Branding

What our clients say...

"Really professional, quick on returning new ideas and images! Any changes or reconfiguration was no dramas and was always again quick to respond! Our brand is spot on with what we wanted and still gets great comments and recognition to this day!"

Dan Foote, Director, Intrepid Earth Lanscapes

"I have used Krisp Design for multiple gigs I have put on, my CD album covers, and for the Mai radio network. The quality of their output is absolutley outstanding and delivery time has always been on point - even under some extreme deadlines. We look forward to working with them more in the future."

Philip Bell AKA DJ Sirvere, DJ, Personailty & Mai FM Content Director

"I have worked with krisp Design since I began my business, 4 years now. Branding, website, marketing items, adverts and now growing my online. They have gone above and beyond for me, sharing knowledge and completing things quickly when able."

Sarah-Jane Duff, Lost and Led Astray

"I used the services of Krisp Design to create my new catering website and rebrand. I found dealing with Krisp very easy and was extremely pleased with the end result, with business growing 50% in the past year."

Adam Hart, Hartland Cuisine

"Creative, fast, professional and reliable. I have worked with Krisp Design on a number of projects over the past 3 years and always a pleasure to deal with from concept to execution and delivery. Highly recommend!"

Daniel Tupara, R26 (New Balance, Asics, Asahi)

"I was highly recommended to contact Paul at Krisp Design 12 months ago, whilst setting up my new startup, an e-commerce retail business (newzealandfresh) in Asia (Singapore). Right from the outset I found Paul extremely helpful, totally professional, value for money, goes the extra mile, proactive, patient, approachable, available and full of original and unique suggestions. These attributes suited me very well as it was my first foray into this type of business so having him walk me through these, the technical aspects was very much appreciated."

Andy Sceats, New Zealand Fresh

What is a brand? Why is it critical to my company’s success?

Your brand is everything. Your brand is how your customers, potential customers, competitors and the general public perceive you. It’s the voice of your business, the look of your business, the way people are left feeling after interacting with your business . It tells your story, shows your personality or brand persona, sets you apart from your competition therefore makes it easy for customers to buy from you. Your brand identity must be clear and consistent to be effective. Your branding must show through in everything you do.

What is branding?

Branding is the overall development and design of a custom solution for all facets of your business brand. The process includes a lot of research, strategy, design, implementation and marketing. This gives us a great grounding to design your brand and all it’s elements from the ground up. Branding will look the part, attract attention, set you apart from your competitors, tell your story and engage your target audience. Strong branding helps you win!

What is the benefit of branding?

To set you apart from your competitors and showcase your business, products and services in a meaningful way that connects with your target audience and as a result bring you more sales and leads.

We ensure that you are communicating a clear and consistent message and image to your customers and potential customers. Part of this is helping you with your marketing and advertising so as to entice new and repeat sales for you. We aim to make people big fans of your company which will multiply your success rate.

Why should I brand?

If your brand identity isn’t strong, easily recognisable and doesn’t resonate with your core audience. If your messaging to customers and potential customers is confused and inconsistent. You want a clear and consistent messaging, a uniform, strong brand image which helps to sell your products and services. You want to tell your story and show your company personality through your branding so let’s get strategic and make it happen.

How much does branding cost?

We don’t like to use the words cost or expense when it comes to branding, rather we stress that it should be looked at as an investment. One of the best investments you can make in your brand and business if it is done right. Typically a small branding project will start around $2500 and range upwards from there depending on what is required. Once we have your branding worksheet answers and have had a good conversation with you we are in a much better position to price your brand investment.

How long does it take to develop a brand?

We are generally able to work to your deadlines (as long as they are not ridiculous)… medium to large branding projects can often take up to a few months depending on the complexity of what is needed and what works for you and your business goals.

What is the difference between a logo and branding?

Your logo is just one piece of your overall branding. It is most definitely an important part and plays a huge role in your brands marketing as it is the visual representation of your business. Your logo is not your brand though. Branding ties together your logo, all of your brand image assets, brand personality, marketing advertising and more.

What do you offer that others don’t?

A business minded approach: We listen to your business goals and your business problems to help with tailor made solutions to your branding, design and marketing needs.

Flexible payment terms: We understand that investing in branding can be expensive so we can help make this a little easier with split payments.

Value for money: We’re a small agency with big ideas so we are able to provide a lot more bang for your buck.

Return on your investment: We aim to make your investment in us pay itself off many times over.

Partnership: Your success is our success. Any work we do for you that helps to bring you more customers and sales not only helps you but helps us immensely.

I once worked with someone on my company logo once, but they didn’t really listen to me, and I don’t my branding. How are you different?

Asking the right questions from the start and really listening to what you have to say is critical to our process. We want to know everything there is to know about your company, both good and bad to help us brand you in the best way. We don’t know what you want, you do… even though you may not realise that until we start asking you the hard questions. From there we research, strategise, design and deliver while consulting with you along the way.

How often should I update my branding?

Whether you are a large or small company a brand re-fresh is usually a good idea after around 7-10 years. A full re-brand may not be needed but simple updates, to shapes, colours and fonts can often be all that’s required to keep your company from looking obsolete. if your business has been through a major change in direction, name or a merger you need to update your brand identity.

Do I really need a custom logo and brand identity?

Yes you 100% need your own custom designed corporate logo. Your own logo is central to building your brand also you don’t want a generic logo that someone else may be using. Your customers and potential customers need to know your logo instantly. Don’t get lost in the mess of other companies - stand out and prosper.

What can we expect if we work with KRISP?

Honesty, communication, business know how, creativity, great design and well thought out strategy and marketing. A partner in the success of your brand. We aim to return your investment in us many times over. Talking with you about both your businesses goals and problems (many of which can be solved with brand and web solutions). We treat you like family.

Do you quote per design job or work on an hourly basis?

We prefer to quote per job so that you are able to budget for it effectively. Any extra work required outside the quoted job and it's allotted amount of changes will then be billed hourly at our standard rate ($100p/h +GST). This will always be made clear and discussed with you before proceeding.

Who owns the rights to the work you do for clients?

Once we have received full payment, the client owns the brand identity and all design files. It was a custom solution created for a particular brand so has no real value to anyone else.

I don't have much budget - what should I do?

Talk to us and find out what we think your investment will need to be for an efficient branding package plus any implementation and marketing that will be needed when you start. From there you will need to raise the funds needed or you can talk to us about a flexible payment option.

What happens if I don't like the concepts and design KRISP comes up with?

We rarely have to deal with this. Our main focus here is on your customers and target audience… The brand should reflect them and resonate with them first and foremost. We make sure that we get all the information required to craft a brand that fits your market perfectly. You know your business and your market too and you have to see your brand image constantly so we aim to make something that you love also. So if you don’t love it we’ll work on it until you do.

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