Our Process

This is how we design effective websites and beautiful branding that connects

Discovery, research and planning is imperative to our process, whether we are designing brand identity or websites. See the basic steps in the proven process for each below. This is how we get you a great result.

branding design process

Branding Design Process

Discovery & Research

First we talk with you, we ask questions and WE LISTEN. This is where we establish what you want your branding to achieve, what your brand story is, why your business exists and who your target audience are. We then research to make sure we are providing you with branding that serves those purposes.

Design Brief

From discovery and research we create a design brief to work from. This outlines the deliverables and scope of the project including any works (function and aesthetics), timing and budget. This is creating in consultation with you to ensure both parties are on the same page from day one.

Sketch & Development

Now we start to get into the nitty gritty... We pull our discovery findings, research and most importantly the brief together and start to develop concepts for your branding and logo design. The creative process here differs for every project but we find the best of our ideas and move on to the design stage.

Design & Development

We start to work with the best of our concepts and bring them to life on screen. We like to present you with 2-3 finished brand concepts from which to choose (and leave open for minor development and updates). We then work with you until you are happy with the final design and write your brand rules.


Now the exciting part - this is where we translate your new brand across your deliverables such as business cards, stationery, packaging, social media images, labels and whatever else you may require. We can then manage the printing for you or send you the final files.

website design process

Website Design Process

Discovery & Research

First we talk with you, ask questions and listen. This is where we establish what you want your website to achieve and goals for the site and business going forward. Based on that we do our research to make sure we are providing you with a website that serves those purposes.

Sitemap & Prototype

At this stage we map out the website structure and pages with a sitemap. Then we move on to a prototype wireframe version of the website so you can see how it will work and the general layout. This is purely for functionality at this stage and is easier to see rather than us explaining it to you.

Design & Content

Now we get to the fun stage where everything comes together. This is where we get to the aesthetic and design the look of your website to be on brand. As well as functionality your new site must look like it's part and parcel of your overall brand. We then add all your content (images & text - all the details).

Deploy & Go Live!

Before your site goes live we have a lot of behind the scenes work to get through - we do this then thoroughly test your site on multiple devices and browser to make sure it looks and works the same everywhere. The it's time to start popping bottles! Your new website is going live!

Growth & Support

When your website goes live we don't just disappear and leave it all to you (unless you want us to!). We are here to help you with your website security, staff training and support. We also offer digital strategy and marketing to ensure your site is pulling in targeted traffic and leads for your business.

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