About KRISP.

We believe.

We use design and strategy to build brands and help businesses grow. Read about us and our beliefs below.

We believe...

  • We believe in helping you achieve success
  • We believe your time is valuable
  • We believe low quality products are never good value
  • We believe in giving you back your money if something is not right and we can’t fix it
  • We believe in doing what we say we will do
  • We believe we should have your project finished before it is due
  • We believe you want to look your best
  • We believe in feeling good about the work we do
  • We believe you should be 100% happy with the outcome of our work
  • We believe in learning something everyday
  • We believe in being happy at work and play
  • We believe in your success
  • We believe in communicating with you 
  • We believe pets are part of the family
  • We believe the warriors will win this year
  • We believe we can be better than were were yesterday
  • We believe in quality partnerships
  • We believe in quality over quantity
  • We believe family comes first
  • We believe in using our skills to help you be better 
  • We believe research and planning is a must 
  • We believe we are not perfect, but we always strive for a perfect result
  • We believe in continual improvement 
  • We believe in paying what we owe in a timely manor
  • We believe in providing at the very least, good value for your money but strive for a great return on your investment in us
  • We believe the sky is not the limit
  • We believe brand rules are important 
  • We believe in reading books
  • We believe in helping people wherever we can 
  • We believe in after work drinks
  • We believe in getting back up when you get knocked down 
  • We believe simplicity is beautiful
  • We believe in making your own luck
  • We believe in flexible work hours

Who we are...

Our WHY?

We are in business because we love design and we want every good brand and business out there to have great branding, identity and websites that work for the business, targets it's correct audience and pays for itself many times over.

Our success in business is directly related to your success so we are always striving to give you the best result we possibly can for your investment.

We are not perfect and don't believe any business is either but we are always looking for ways to improve your business,  grow, learn and improve our business and brand.

Our Team

We are a small but potent team lead by director and founder Paul Jeffcoat. Paul has over 15 years experience in Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design & development.

Paul has worked in and around the music and entertainment industry for much of this time. Working with and for some of the biggest labels and artists in New Zealand and overseas has seen him become a go to design expert in that area.

Krisp Design was established in 2007 so we have a great grounding and understanding of the ups and downs of business. This enables us to provide you with sound business consultancy with your branding, identity, websites & marketing.

With a vast amount of experience and expertise in designing for the entertainment industry we also work with some great fashion and lifestyle brands, restaurants, bars, corporate, trade and technology businesses. We're always looking to expand our horizons here so it's worth seeing if we are a fit to work together.

Good design is not cheap design. We aim to provide you with great digital solutions that are good value for money and return your investment in us multiple times.

Ready to start?