Raggamuffin VIII (2013)




Raggamuffin VIII was the start of new era for the annual event. A move to Auckland, different time of year and the addition on hip-hop acts to the line up. It also mean a fresh look. Despite all this the promoters wanted to keep the Reggae look and feel.

We came up with the idea for the new look and feel and collaborated with local illustrator and graffiti artist Elliot Francis Stewart who drew up the parts that we had requested in his style and flavour which then came back to us to be cut and painted to create the moveable parts for all of our advertising. They needed to be easily adjustable so that we could make many different sizes and formats across all media – from billboards, posters and flyers to (many different sized) web banners and print adverts.

Final pieces created were: Posters (from small to very large), Flyers, Web banners (for social media and online advertising), Print adverts (varying sizes), AWOP cards, Merchandise (Tees, Caps, Sweats etc), Pull up screens, PA Scrim, Event signage, Website and more.